Velotric unveils heavy-duty cargo e-bike and compact utility e-bike

SAN FRANCISCO (PRNewswire-PRWeb), July 15, 2023

Today Velotric, established manufacturer of e-mobility solutions, launched direct sales of two new bikes—the Velotric Packer 1, a heavy-duty cargo e-bike and the Velotric Go 1, a compact utility e-bike. Designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers seeking versatile, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation options, these bikes set out to redefine the way people run errands and embark on short-range adventure thanks to their substantial payload and cargo load capacities. Velotric Packer 1 and Velotric Go 1 are priced at $1,999 USD and $1,799 USD respectively on the brand’s website.

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Velotric Packer 1 has a payload capacity of 440 lbs and an exceptional rear cargo load capacity of 176 lbs. It features a 750W/1200W peak rear hub motor with 75Nm torque, providing top speeds of 25 MPH. With a range of 52 miles (pedal assist) or 45 miles (throttle only), it is suitable for riders ranging from 5'3'' to 6'6." Velotric Go 1 has a payload capacity of 440 lbs and a rear cargo load capacity of 120 lbs. It is equipped with a 500W/900W peak rear hub motor with 65Nm torque, allowing for top speeds of 25 MPH. With a range of 55 miles (pedal assist) or 48 miles (throttle only), it fits riders from 5'0" to 6'6."

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With a host of accessory options, riders can customize the perfect configuration of Velotric Go 1 and Velotric Packer 1 whether it's a family picnic, a short camping trip, grocery shopping, or ferrying the kids to school. The brand’s proprietary Velopower H75 (Packer 1) and H50 (Go 1) Drive Systems deliver exceptional power, range, and fun, making every ride a breeze.

Safety is a top priority for us and our new utility series reflects this commitment. Carrying heavier loads means that we have to design the bikes with a lower center of gravity for stability, lightweight design, and integrated rear lights for increased visibility, so riders can feel confident and in control at all times. We’ve also once again certified our bikes with UL 2849 and UL 2271 , to ensure a reliable and secure performance. Our puncture-resistant tires add an extra layer of durability, eliminating the hassle of flats and ensuring a smooth journey every time. Adam Zhang, Co-Founder of Velotric
Velotric Packer 1 and Go 1 were made with making more eco-friendly and enjoyable short trips in mind. Riders can now lighten their load and unlock convenience in their last-mile travels like never before—transforming their daily routines and embarking on short-range adventures. Ted Li, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

About Velotric

Velotric is dedicated to rekindling the joy of riding. Led by Adam Zhang, the previous Hardware Co-Founder of Lime, the team includes individuals with experience from building quality micromobility vehicles from the likes of Lime, Giant, Specialized and more. Velotric bikes are fueled by their proprietary Velopower drive system optimized for higher performance and greater affordability enabling riders to embark on adventures, ignite joy, and rediscover the fun of riding a bike.

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