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Company Mission

Velotric is an ebike company on a mission to to help more people find joy in their daily lives. We build versatile and accessible ebikes that help you discover the #smalladventures all around you.

With our proprietary drive system and premium build quality, we wanna offer more fun and give you less hassle.

Company Background

Velotric was founded by Adam Zhang, hardware Cofounder at Lime in 2021 after he build over 1 million ebikes and e-scooters, with an idea to make the best ebikes for everyone.

Our team consists of brilliant minds from iconic brands in the industry like Lime, Specialized, and Giant.

Velotric is funded by some of the most well-known angel investors and venture capitals including Brad Bao (Former founder and CEO at Lime), Uphonest, Fosun Capital, and Redpoint Ventures.


Velotric was founded in June 2021. We launched the Discover 1 on Indiegogo in Dec 2021 and raised $500K in 30 days. We officially started selling in April 2022 and quickly grew our monthly GMV over $1M within 3 months.

Within the past few months in 2022, we have sold about 6000-7000 bikes.

Core Differentiation

Velotric prides ourself on our proprietary drive system. In fact, we are one of the few ebike companies that has the capabilities of designing the entire drive system and entire bike.

Drive system is the heart of an ebike. By developing the algorithm by ourselves, we are able to achieve a longer range and more torque compared to most of the ebiks in the market.

We work with top tier manufacturers that produces ebikes for brands like Specialized and Cannondale. Leveraging our decades of experiences with supply chain and engineering, not only we are able to produce premium quality ebikes, but also we are able to make it affordable for everyone at a price that no one else in the industry is able to achieve.

Latest Velotric news

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